• This isn't just a foundation.


  • What We Do

    We're on a mission to connect all Nepali speaking community world over and unite to create a better world

    Inclusive Education

    Mission: Educating all + awareness +Careers + Conscience

    Education plays vital role to the society. Our focus is not in education as a degree and a tag, it rather to enable people. Focus is on creating livelihood training, sustainable training, mass awareness and essential life skills with the help of NIOS in India and Nepal, IGNOU and other ODL in India and Nepal and through MOOC.

    Uniting Nepali Speaking Community

    Mission: Uniting + Developing + Prosperity

    If you take example of any successful community in the world, it is purely due to their unity. Take example of Marwadi, Gujarati, Jew, Parsi and other community. United, we stands together, divided we fall apart. It is exactly सयौं थुँगा फूलका हामी, एउटै माला नेपालीI (We Nepalis, from different lingual, racial, religious or cultural background are the individual flower of a whole garland of the Nepali race) Its our attempt to revive the pride and honour Nepali community had decades ago the identity we Nepali had. We believe हट्ने होइन डटी लड्ने नेपालीको बानी हुन्छ कहिले नझुक्ने शीर उभेको
    स्वाभिमानी नेपाली हुन्छ I We want to revive the self esteem of Nepali speaking community world across and creating a strong positive impression in the mind of people. This can happen when we will be united, when we come to the public figure as other well doing communities are doing.

    Livelihood Management for Nepali across the world.

    Mission: Training + Managing + Empowering + Liberating

    Nepali people have multifold issues in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar. Most of them have low income level, living in poor social condition, no secondary source of income and no source of income once the earning member dies. Through various intervention, we aim to solve the issue. How we do it, please join us to know more.

    Bringing business community together

    Mission: Networking + Connecting + Growing

    A well networked community can help each other to prosper and grow. It is key. We aim to have multiple business networking event for different strata of the society including business community, service community and others. Interested to know more? connect with us.

  • Who We Are

    We are group of professionals from Nepali speaking community who has diverse experience from social sector, banking, HR, community work and entrepreneurship.

    Ranbir Kaushal

    Principal Advisor

    Mr Ranbir Kaushal is a seasoned bank professional and a pride for Nepali community. He is an economist, graduate in economics from University of Mumbai , LL.B and JAIIB. He has grown up in Mumbai, India and is a self made man. He was in the service of a national level bank and is retired now. His last stint was as Assistant General Manager in 2011. During his service, He was posted as the head of district for a period of five years. During most of the period of his service, He had been remained posted in the H R and Vigilance Departments. During the period of that five years, one of his assignments was imparting training on various subjects. He is 66 years young and reinventing the life for entire community. He has been associated with the Nepali social organisations since 1974. Now settled in his family, he is more dedicated to serve the community. He advises NAME foundation in forming SHGs, livelihood management, planning and strategic partnership.

    ID Singh

    Committed Enthusiast

    If you ask any Nepali who has faced issue in Mumbai, he will definitely remember him alongwith our stalwart social worker like Padam Singhji Bhul, other people of Bhul Samaj. He is a seasoned real estate advisor with well settled family. He is only not settled. Constantly thinking about uniting community, helping people and doing services to the mankind. He has organised several cultural programmes, have helped people. Whether it is a cancer patient in need, whether it a youth need of education or any help. He has been always there. He has strong political contact but no affiliation. A kind hearted , yet straight forward person. He is looking into cultural programmes, fund raising, organising various meet and greet for Nepali community and relationship building.

    Ram Singh Tiruwa

    The Wanderer Sadhu

    When we planned foundation of NAME foundation, Ram Singh Tiruwa is a person who happily came forward to volunteer. He is a sales professional yet never tired to come whenever help was required. We had an issue where one of our beloved sister had committed suicide, he was there alongwith other people of the community the whole day, running to municipal corporation, doing necessary paper work. When we brainstormed about activities, his query waas "How to resolve so many issues such as exploitation, human trafficking, poverty". When you talk to him you will find a lot of concern and love for entire community.In NAME foundation, he looks into relationship building with Nepalese community specially from Nepal and Nepalese migrants.

    Suraj Chetry

    The Young Enthusiast

    Suraj is our beloved brother from Assam and a true Mumbaikar. He is an enthusiast marathoner. He is an e-commerce operation professional, an enthusiast social entrepreneur, a true believer to unite Nepali speaking community all over the world. He makes and delivers original Darjiling Momo that is very tasty. Apart from this, he is doing lot of work to provide aid to cancer patients. In NAME foundation, he looks after community building, livelihood management and handling north east related matter to unite and develop community.

    Chumbak Raj Regmi

    The Poet, The Artist and a good samaritan

    Chumbak Raj Regmi is another philanthropist and a proud activist. He is a poet, he is an artist and a very active proud member of Nepali community in Gujarat. He is a poet, an actor and has published his poetry in reputed Nepali daily like Kantipur. He holds various position in social organisation and a really committed towards Nepali community in Gujarat area. He is pained by the social and economic condition of Nepali people and has always a vision to do something.

    Bikash Dutraj

    The Connector

    He deserves truly to be called as founder of NAME foundation. He is an enthusiast learner, well settled in the job but always eager to learn more and more community. He is a journalist and a strong believer that we have only one identity- Nepali rst all identities are secondary. He hates when a Nepali does not speak in his/ her mother tongue. He feels proud about it. He is actually connecting the dot. he is the person who connected all people here together as a team. He has lot of interest in Nepali literature, their achievement and how we can come stronger as a community. He is looking after donors and patrons relationship, approval and liasoning and community development.

    Pappu Dadel

    The Mentor, an observer

    Hailing from Nashik, he has tremendous knowledge on issues faced by Nepalese migrant and have dedicated his whole life. He has famous tagline such as "Gardi nahi Dardi Chahiye i.e. We don't need crowd, we need people who can feel the pain of community. His other famous punch (true from heart) is "Karm is Dharm hai" i.e. fulfilling your duty towards human and community is my religion, Nanga Aaya tha Nanga hi jayega i.e. We have come to this world naked and going naked. Let's do something for society. He is a very strong willed person with lot of commitment. He is responsible for volunteer management and selecting a cause in the NAME foundation. He is neither in NAME foundation committee nor taking a single penny from it. He was even reluctant to have his photo and name. We can call him a reluctant protagonist of unsung heroes.

    Ramjee Shiwakoti

    Self made entrepreneur

    Few people are always react less, talk less but whatever they do, it has a powerful imprint. Ramjee is one of them. He is a self made entrepreneur an example, an ideal for Nepali speaking community. He show us path that Nepali people are also successful entrepreneur and they can do magic. Today, he is instrumental in networking and connecting Nepali people from different walk of life. He looks into business networking and conclaves in the NAME foundation. He has taken responsibility as a brand ambassador and to be a torch bearer to unit, connecting and brainstorming Nepali community. He is responsible for image improvement through various initiatives and interventions.

    Brijesh Damai

    Engineer cum The Wandering Soul

    Brijesh, a person who can fit with any age group and takes sportingly even a serious matter, even if it is against him. He has only one regret in life, he could not get connected to Nepali community earlier so could not speak Nepali fluently. He has more fluency in Marathi than Nepali. Now, he has become a student to learn it. Sounds interesting- this is one of the reason he has become part of core team. He is an engineer by profession, travels across the continent and love to share his travel experience. He has not decided any role for him and ready to accept whatever role comes to him. He is primarily responsible for CSR partnership and driving CSR and corporate partnership role.

    Govind Sharma

    Wandering soul & Kadva Karela

    Govind is a student of MBA Social entrepreneurship from NMIMS. NMIMS is known as one of the top 10 B schools in India. He is a wandering soul and an HR professional. He takes lot of interest in development studies, north east India and Nepal. He looks into social media and acts as a coordinator. He is quite blunt and express his opinion openly. You may find bit odd about it. He loves travelling, music and life long learning.

    Padam Bhul

    Karmayogi and The Robinhood

    From Karjat to CST, Pune to Nashik and any part of the world, there is hardly anyone who does not know Padam Bhul. If a Nepali dies anywhere and nobody is there to receive the dead body, he and his entire Bhul samaj team is there. Whether he is sick, whether he is losing business or anything else, it does not matter. Ask him a Nepali needs help, he is there to help without expecting anything. He is the man of the need, he is the man community needs. He is inseparable part of society and NAME foundation. He has taken responsibilities of social outreach programme, disaster management and connecting Nepali community in Mumbai and nearby area.

  • How you can help us

    Sounds interesting, thank you

    Be our messenger

    You can enroll as volunteer for many programmes we run. The immediate one is for social media engagement and data collection of all Nepali speaking (including other languages of Nepal) people worldwide and letting them know about our work.

    Open a local NAME foundation chapter

    We need to outreach every Nepali community, every corner of the world. Replicate our model and open a local chapter in your city, country or state. You are abide by our code of conduct and strict evaluation. It is matter of pride to serve our own community. Get in touch to know more.

    Donate now

    Any organisation need resource to run. Money is the primary resource. Although we are involved in lot of resource genration activities, we cannot run without your support. We accept your generosity in cash and kind. Rest assured, we are committed to give you detail of even a 1 Rs you donate because this is your money.

    Take our Membership

    Becoming Member of NAME foundation is a matter of pride and more than that, your contribution to help marginalised people. Our Membership costs just Rs.1 / day that is Rs. 365 in a year. Come join us in this movement.

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